About Us

Norbus Technology is a software development company registered under laws of Ghana. Norbus was registered in 2003 but stated operation in 2006. At Norbus, our team is dedicated to applying software engineering best practices to develop software solutions that meet the industry standard and needs of our clients. Presently we have products in fund management and in the coming year, shall be rolling out products in other sectors. Our competitive advantage is the knowledge depth and experience of our team members. We believe in delivering total solutions

Our Mission

To employ contemporary software engineering best practices and technologies to develop robust and scalable solutions that meets the needs of our clients and the best standards in the industry.

Our Plan

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in the provision of software solutions


Software Development

Pensions Fund Management, Asset Manager, Mutual Fund, Investment Club, Provident Fund Products

Database Management

Micrsoft SQL Database, Oracle Database and MySQL Database

SMS Integration

Integrate SMS into your existing systems or apps – quickly and hassle-free. Use only 1 SMS gateway API to reach them all

IT Consultancy

We will provide you with the highly secure, highly available technology platform that you need to support your business operations and provide you with a competitive edge

Mobile App Development

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Our Products

  • All
  • Finance
  • CRM & Others
  • Pensions

Asset Manager


Mutual Fund






Provident fund






Our Clients

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No 23 Sunyani Avenue Kanda, Accra. Ghana

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